Achievements Thus Far

1 Primary school with two floors, 83 students, three teachers and a feeding program.

  11 University Sponsorships

 Over 150 Secondary School Scholarships.  Students that receive scholarships do not have the financial means to attend school, so without SEED’s support, they would not complete their education.  By lessening the financial burden on families, parents and guardians are able to accumulate savings for food, water, and/or small businesses.

 Receiving Scholarships require students to maintain minimum grades, creating improved student achievement.  As one teacher in Kenya notes, “those receiving scholarships are more active and are more often attending classes compared to those who are not; therefore, those receiving scholarships are improving in grades.”  Students receiving scholarships are able to focus on their studies without fear of being sent home for failure to pay fees.

 12 Bicycles for a local high school for students walking over 1 hour to and from school each day.

 93% of raised funds directly supports our projects.