Join the Race!
There are 2 different ways to participate in the race this year:

  • At Home. Complete a list of challenges from the comfort of your own home.
  • In Your Neighbourhood. Find and record clues in your community.

You’ll need a pen, paper, a cell phone, your legs and good attitude. Top three winning teams (2 Fastest Teams + 1 Top Fundraiser) will get a pizza dinner delivered to their home. Winners Announced Here!

Support a Good Cause!
All funds raised will support SEED Junior Academy (SJA), providing education and meals to over 80 low-income students annually in classes Jk to grade 4. SJA is located in Kibera, the largest slum in eastern Africa. All students receive daily breakfast and lunch meals they may otherwise not receive at home. Donate online or mail us a cheque to: SEED Kenya, 52 Halford Ave, Toronto, ON, M6S 4E9.

You will receive a tax receipt for all donations.






Thank you to all our teams for participating! Our goal was to raise $1,430. to feed all the students at SEED Junior Academy breakfast and lunch for 2 ½ months. We surpassed our goal by over $200 and raised a total of $1,668!

Congratulations to the two teams with the fastest times, and the team that raised the most funds. You’ll have a pizza dinner delivered to your house!

Without further ado, the winners are…

Fastest Teams

We All Play for Kenya (Neighbourhood Edition) 31 min 58 s
Riverside Racers (Home Edition) 19 min 50 s

Top Fundraiser

The Listers Raised $300 CAD


Neighbourhood Edition: All Teams

1 We All Play for Kenya 31 min 58 s
2 The Minecrafters 32 min 45 s
3 Lister Family 35 min 20 s
4 Tobi’s Troopers 35 min 50 s
5 Josie Jo’s 36 min 50 s
6 ZZZZ 39 min 45 s
7 MJDW 42 min 0 s
8 Lower Legs 43 min 30 s
9 Team Cheetah 43 min 35 s
10 Macleod Attack 43 min 50 s
11 Wilkayssione 49 min 5 s
12 Space Rocks 57 min 50 s
13 The Koratore’s 1 hr 1 min
14 Team Jianu 1 hr 8 min
15 Porter Patrol 1 hr 10 min


Home Edition: All Teams

1 Riverside Racers 19 min 50 s
2 Team Eichvald 22 min 25 s
3 Dead Horse 22 min 30 s
4 Sarina’s Unicorns 36 min 5 s
5 Far From Home 42 min 40 s

Organize your own Amazing Race!
If you enjoyed this event and know others who would too, contact us about organizing your own Amazing Race to fundraise for SEED in your community.

Become a monthly SEED donor!
If you would you like to continue your contribution to ensure that SJA students have a safe place to learn please consider a monthly donation. By doing so you are helping with the ongoing operation of SEED Junior Academy for over 80 low-income students in Kibera.

You will receive a tax receipt for all donations.