Toronto friend visits the SEED School Kibera

A close friend of SEED from Toronto named Daphne recently visited the SEED School Kibera.  After a tour of the reconstructed building, Daphne met with Padox (the school principal), the teachers, and some of the students, who taught her a traditional Kenyan dance.  Padox gratefully accepted 3 new laptops donated from Canada.

Daphne is excited to share her enlightening and informative visit, where she witnessed first-hand SEED’s impact in Kibera slum.

If you are planning a trip to Nairobi and would like to visit the SEED School, be in touch!  Padox welcomes all visitors with open arms.

Daphne visit with Padox

Daphne visit dancing

Daphne visit kids outside

Daphne visit laptop

Daphne visit classroom

Daphne visit teachers