SEED Junior Academy

Since 2007, SEED has operated a primary school in Kibera slums, Nairobi, Kenya.  Kibera is the largest slum in eastern-Africa with over 1 million residents and underfunded public services.  SEED Junior Academy (SJA) currently educates and feeds around 80 children in classes JK-three.  The school administrator, Patrick Aouki, consistently demonstrates commitment and expertise in his operation of the school.  Our three local teachers are paid fair salaries and arrive at work daily.  With the recent addition of an upstairs dining hall, all of SJA’s students receive lunch daily and breakfast three times a week.  Parents are engaged in income-generating activities such as jewelry making, sold online via our Etsy store (SEEDJewelryandCrafts), to support their children’s education.

SJA full school on trip            DSC01822 

                      The entire school                                                    The outside of the school

DSC01798            DSC01743

            Walking to school in Kibera                                     Meghan shakes Haman's hand

DSC01319            DSC01718

               Students from the school                                                        Lunch time!

DSC01320            DSC00978

Watch this video about SJA