Being Unreasonable

Over the past while, I’ve been focused on self-transformation – reflecting on my qualities, my impact on others, and my presence in the world.  My work as a school teacher and yoga teacher, along with my part-time involvement with SEED, leads me to believe that I am living a fulfilled life. So the question then becomes, how can I push the boundaries to go beyond my perceived capacities and work outside of my comfort zone? Is living a fulfilled life enough, or are we responsible to keeping moving towards having an even greater impact in the world?

Close friends and self-growth workshops have led me to believe it is the latter.  This starts with being unreasonable with my goals. site down Here is where we’re at with SEED: 57 kids at SEED Junior Academy, 78 in high school in Ukwala, and 10 in university across Kenya. Here’s what’s possible: hundreds of high school scholarships, multiple primary schools in Kibera, and a handful of Kenyan employees.

It is bothersome to think that the only thing preventing me from reaching this possibility is my own complacency and laziness. How easy it is to fall back into our comfortable routines and get caught up in our simplistic daily struggles. I’ve been making lists of my daily complaints, and scorning at the banality of it all – I’m tired, my job is overwhelming, it’s too cold today, etc.  I wonder what a complaint list of a child in Kibera would look like. Probably shorter than mine.

It’s time to redefine my boundaries.

One thought on “Being Unreasonable

  • June 16, 2019 at 2:19 pm

    SEED has really rekindled the hopes of many young Kenyan youths like me.
    We are very grateful for such a benevolence.


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